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Re: Introductions
« Reply #45 on: Jan 11th, 2003, 12:14pm »

hello! my name is Marin Andrei and i am studying Computer Science, Romania, Bucharest. Im new to this forum and to proce55ing. i like to experiment and ive done this through flash actionscript ... hope that proce55ing will release eventually ...

Re: Introductions
« Reply #46 on: Jan 12th, 2003, 6:38pm »

hi, my name is mike chang and i have completed a bachelor degree in computing science at the university of technology, sydney. am currently working as a front-end developer. i stumbled across proce55ing and think it is absolutely great! it enables the more visual oriented people (like myself) in on a powerful tool and programming concepts to simply create.
im from sydney, love listening to music and watching films. more about me on www.tripleoptix.com

Re: snoitcudortnI
« Reply #47 on: Jan 17th, 2003, 11:38pm »

Hello, my name is Ryan Alexander. I am interested in Illutration, Design, Programming and Gaming. My latest interest is programmatic character design and multiuser. If you want to see some of my work it is at http://elfman.vendetta.com/ryan . Right now i'm working at www.motiontheory.com doing CG and designing their website, and going to school part time.

Re: Introductions
« Reply #48 on: Jan 20th, 2003, 4:33am »

Hello all - My name is Mark Wendell. By day, I'm a computer graphics supervisor for dreamworks animation (I was one of the lighting supes on Shrek). At work, I use maya, renderman, mental ray, and a whole bunch of proprietary software on a linux box. But at home, I "putter" around with math, art, and coding on my pc. My new year's resolution was to teach myself another programming language, and decided that java/proce55ing was perfect for getting cool and fun results quickly. So far, so good, and I hope to start sharing some programs soon. Great to be here. Wonderful and creative work, everyone! Very inspiring.

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Re: Introductions
« Reply #49 on: Feb 18th, 2003, 9:06pm »

Hi, My name is Po Sheng Wang, I am a 1st year graduate student in Pratt Institute, Brooklyn. Major in Computer Graphics & Interactive Media. Currently I am studying Flash in Amit Pitaru's class, thanks him for introducing Proce55ing to me !
I came from Taiwan, and I'd like to make friends all around the world, explore the potential of netart together

Re: Introductions
« Reply #50 on: Feb 22nd, 2003, 6:26am »

Hi,my name is Ron I'm here cause I'm curious.

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Re: Introductions
« Reply #51 on: Feb 24th, 2003, 5:07pm »

Hi, my name is Oytun Gokhan, I'm masters student at Viual Communication Design Dept. at Sabanci University, Istanbul. Studied graphic design and spended most of my time  infront of the computer geeking around. Now I am doing my masters on coding graphics. My own personal site is at www.runtuntun.com, contribute to www.digitalthread.com, assist webdesign cousres and also run my own web hosting services. I'm curious and support the opensource enviroment. Planning to open a workshop about proc55ing next year. Good to see you all!

-Oytun Gokhan

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Re: Introductions
« Reply #52 on: Feb 26th, 2003, 2:50pm »

Hi my name is Martin, and i am a IT Engineering student. I am coder, a programmer but i've been always splited between the code and the graphics arts. I think what if proce55ing grow up it could get an important position in the fields of this kind (arts/programming) even be a competence for the actionscript and the Macromdia Flash. I think what this has a lot of potential. I am a programmer of Actionscipt, javascript, php, and C/C++ . And I am eager to start testing proce55ing to make games online.
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Re: Introductions
« Reply #53 on: Feb 27th, 2003, 12:11am »

Hi everybody,
I`m  BjrnW but as most sfw cannot really handle the I usely use just the o and thus become BjornW.
Studied Multimedia Design and Technology at the Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, the Netherlands got my Bs from it and studied Interaction Design at the Utrecht School of Arts and recieved my MA in it.
Really like Maeda`s style and got to know the work of Reas and Fry among others.  
Currently learning more web stuff and work as a junior  developer at Waag Society (http://waag.org) *plug*
I`m a total information and music junk besides that I dig MacGyver,the A-Team, and vegetarian food is the best .
P5 seems interesting...I`m curious for the future

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Re: Introductions
« Reply #54 on: Feb 27th, 2003, 10:57am »

Okay, I've been hanging out here for quite a while but never properly introduced myself, so here we go...
My name's Edwin Heijmen, and I'm a professional web & application developer, working mostly with FlashMX/FlashRemoting/ColdFusionMX/PHP... Been addicted to Flash ActionScript since Flash4, and love trying to visualize mathematical concepts, generative processes etc in Flash, and I'm an active contributor/moderator on several Flash-communities under the nick 'XemonerdX'... My main outlet for my code-based 'creations' is http://www.poeticterror.com/ ... Ofcourse Flash is notoriously slow compared to other technologies out there, but that's where the real challenge lies But it also turned me in the direction of faster, more capable languages/environments such as Java, Processing (I prefer Proce55ing *grrr*), Alambik, etc... Ad sofar, I've been loving every second I've been playing around with P5...

Re: Introductions
« Reply #55 on: Mar 2nd, 2003, 6:09pm »

heidi hi everybody
my name's Luke, I'm a graphic designer with a penchant for programmatical visuals and feel a royal ass for not looking into proce55ing quicker than I did :/


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Re: Introductions
« Reply #56 on: Mar 5th, 2003, 5:52am »

HOWDY! I'm a little late in introducing myself, I've been lurking for quite some time.  I'm Jacob DeHart. I'm half of the jakes that do skinnycorp.com/threadless.com/yayhooray.com. I started "doing" generative design in dhtml maybe 3 years ago, then switched to flash, took a break, now i'm picking up java.  I'm really inspired by golan levin's work, especially yellowtail. I actually ported yellowtail to flash.

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Re: Introductions
« Reply #57 on: Mar 8th, 2003, 2:36pm »

hi, my name is victor, and i'm a designer/architect. a couple of weeks ago, i got to know about this project, and got really impressed by the software exposed both in processing.net and around. i'm here mostly because i love graphics, visuals, and interactives. you can see some of my stuff here:

pollux | www.frwrd.net

Re: Introductions
« Reply #58 on: Mar 10th, 2003, 6:34pm »

Hi, this is Annie Wan (slimboyfatboyslim.com) from Hong Kong, I study Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong. I'm interested in Interactive Art and this is what I'm doing now. I used to used Flash. But it's no doubt flash has its limitation and I'm now getting into interactive installation.

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Re: Introductions
« Reply #59 on: Mar 16th, 2003, 5:13pm »

I'm John Andrews, generally go by the handle of jand...nice to see some names I recognise here from the online design/art/programming community..
I'm a professional programmer; old-school, I guess, as I've been doing it for 20yrs or so starting with original black-box, the humble ZX Spectrum and moving though CP/M, DOS, Windows & NT machines.  Interests are many; Code, Maths, Music, Lit. & where they all intersect - which, along with my speed frustrations with Flash, is what bought me to Processing...  
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