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« on: Mar 26th, 2005, 7:49am »

Just arrived and beginning to play a bit in your sandbox. I have been tinkering with visual representations of xml/tree organized data on my website (www.physicstree.net). All flash. Of late I ahve wanted to take it a little farther and remap the screen surface to some other arbitrary surface - like a sphere - complete with a mouse on the sphere...i think that such a thing will have some advantages in the problem of visually remaping or cross linking the data - something I want to do roughly because the ideas I want to teach have heieracrchy which I want to visually force on users using the type of thing you see in physicstree but APPLICATIONS/PROBLEMS using these concepts represent cross sonnections between the concept nodes...this is not unlike how ideas and correlations of ideas are represented in the brain...so I want to break out of 2-D in a certain way to show these connections..this is, I suppose a different kind of doc view...so anyway, I'm sure that's more than anybody would want to know...i am getting to be regular flash hacker and i think I will shortly want to break out of the confines of flash's limitations..so maybe **processing** is the way to go...we shall see...on first blush it seems to have the power and clarity/simplicity that I seek...and the time is actually 2 am here in DC...
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