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   Excerpt of message to Guy Steele et al.
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vansaimisgood WWW
Excerpt of message to Guy Steele et al.
« on: Mar 29th, 2005, 7:49pm »

MIT, specifically Ben Fry and Casey Reas, have done a fantastic thing for Java.
Do you happen to remember:
Ivan Sutherland's "Great Wheel of Reincarnation"?
How mock-lisp was used to build out Emacs, an example of Kernigan's "Little Languages" idea?  
How Berkeley took Unix and made it better (4.x BSD, etc.)?  
Well Reas and Fry (and Fry and Reas) have created an aesthetic and easy-to-use viz language in Java that is fun to use and code in.
You can program in what looks like Java, or use simplified syntax, which is then translated to Java to make interactive graphics programs.
It is fast, outperforming Flash ActionScript by an order of magnitude.
If you are interested, it is quick to check out:
1) Language comparison:
2) Platform independence:
3) Versatility:
You can download a stand-alone editor for running test applications. It is very clean and packed with examples.
Jared Tarbell of levitated.net referred me to their work.  
PS - I am having trouble with Java 1.5 in Firefox, my preferred browser.
In the mean time I am reluctantly using IE.
Let me know if you have a fix for that.
- Van
L. Van Warren MS CS, AE
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