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network lib enhancement: socket proxy connections (Read 1203 times)
network lib enhancement: socket proxy connections
Apr 20th, 2010, 3:47am

Lately, i used processing to fool some web apis. I'm using processing on my corporate computer connected trough an HTTP proxy (which is a SOCKS one too – i guess).

I think it'd be really great if processing could allow sockets' connections trough proxies via the network library. As far as i browsed the source code of file client.java, processing use sockets connections.

For all of us using web apis, I think encapsulate URL / URI classes in a "ready to use" one would be great too.

I've found the following constructor for using sockets behind proxy server :


And java tutorial:


Note: i'm not a java expert so i can't help much more, but i do hope that suggestion make some sense.

Anyway, processing is amazing so many thanks for all the hard job.
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