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Minin Error (Read 2081 times)
Minin Error
Jun 10th, 2010, 8:56pm
when ever I run my program it always println
=== Minim Error ===
=== Likely buffer underrun in AudioOutput.

I've spent 3 days on this program and im starting to lose it Cheesy.
this could be the error but i'm not sure i might have to use multithreading.

first time using the minim api.
Re: Minin Error
Reply #1 - Jun 12th, 2010, 3:22pm
ignore that error if it appears at the beginning of sketch before any sounds have been triggered or played..

if it happens during running code when the program or applications is executing then you have a dangerous memory leak or null pointer exception.

below are the comments i put into a sound application of mine just to constantly remind myself of this

//visit this link for explanation of error potential warning
// http://processing.org/discourse/yabb2/num_1255964643.html
// ignore this if it happens at begining of sketch before generating sound
// and you get error message possible buffer underun for each instance of a sound file new Minim(this);
// this error that's not an error will show once for every sound you initiliase but have not yet used

// if the error occurs when program is running and has a line number associated to it FIX URGENTLY YOU HAVE A DANGEROUS BUG
Re: Minin Error
Reply #2 - Jun 16th, 2010, 10:44pm
Thanks for the help I've fixed that problem but now it looks like I have to preload all my sound outputs to fix the animation lag  Cry . Any advice would be appreciated on how to do this.
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