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Angle / rotation between two points in 3D (Read 2061 times)
Angle / rotation between two points in 3D
Mar 7th, 2009, 3:46am
Making my first steps into 3D right now. I'm able to draw a line between two 3D points that are stored as PVectors by using:

line(location1.x,location1.y, location1.z, location2.x, location2.y, location2.z); 

Now I want to change that line into a solid rectangle, but I'm having problems finding the values that I need to rotate the X, Y or Z plane by in order to have it align with the line. I tried using PVector's angleBetween() method, but that just gives me one number which I don't know how to use. After some googling I started messing about with the atan2 function and PVector's  dot() method which got me somewhere, but not in the right place. I have to say that my understanding of 3D trigonometry is as of yet pretty limited. So maybe someone could point me in the right (and easy to understand) direction?
Re: Angle / rotation between two points in 3D
Reply #1 - Mar 9th, 2009, 5:19pm
I hope the following code might help you. I did this for own sketches and think that it is mathematically correct.

The main thing is the function cartesianToPolar that returns a PVector with (length, angleY, angleZ). The code in setup() is just to show you, how to use the function.


void setup() {
 size(800, 800, P3D);

 PVector location1 = new PVector(-3, 2, -3);
 PVector location2 = new PVector(4, -1, -2);

 PVector d = PVector.sub(location2, location1);
 println("vector from location1 to location2 : " + d);

 PVector polar = cartesianToPolar(d);
 println("length of this vector              : " + polar.x);
 println("rotation angle around y-axis       : " + polar.y);
 println("rotation angle around z-axis       : " + polar.z);

 // draw the line
 translate (width/2, height/2);
 line(location1.x, location1.y, location1.z, location2.x, location2.y, location2.z);

 // draw the rectangle
 fill(255, 0, 0, 100);
 translate(location1.x, location1.y, location1.z);
 rect(0, 0, polar.x, 1);

// Converts 3D cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates
// theVector : vector to convert
// returns   : vector containing 'length', 'angleY' and 'angleZ',
//             so that rotating a point (length, 0, 0) first  
//             around the y-axis with angleY and then around the  
//             z-axis with angleZ results again in point (x, y, z)

PVector cartesianToPolar(PVector theVector) {
 PVector res = new PVector();
 res.x = theVector.mag();
 if (res.x > 0) {
   res.y = -atan2(theVector.z, theVector.x);
   res.z = asin(theVector.y / res.x);
 else {
   res.y = 0;
   res.z = 0;
 return res;

Re: Angle / rotation between two points in 3D
Reply #2 - Mar 10th, 2009, 4:47am
Ahhh! That's how to do it.
Simple enhough actually.
Well, you're a hero, thanks a lot!
Re: Angle / rotation between two points in 3D
Reply #3 - Mar 10th, 2009, 9:18am
I'm happy, it helped!
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