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Mahjong 3D (Shapes3D library new version) (Read 1003 times)
Mahjong 3D (Shapes3D library new version)
Apr 27th, 2010, 1:49am
Shapes3D V1.7.0 is now available and includes this game in the download.


In this version of Mahjong you have 3 games to choose from. It supports a moveable/zoomable 3D view of the board, undo move and hints if you get stuck.

If you get bored with the games on offer it is possible to add your own game without any programming (just need to create some image and configuration files, full instructions are available from the Mahjong demo page on the website).

The game uses the P3D renderer so the frame rate might be a bit slow on some machines. In the example that comes with the library you can change this to OPENGL in setup().

Any way I hope you enjoy playing it.

PS the smiley game is very easy to win!  Wink
Re: Mahjong 3D (Shapes3D library new version)
Reply #1 - Apr 27th, 2010, 4:51am
Looks like a very impressive application, I will test it out soon! Smiley
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