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Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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by Robert Hodgin

Video footage of webcam interaction based on real-time tracking of light sources.

Links: Flight404

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Pixel
by Juha Huuskonen

Stir the pixel soup with your mouse. For additional flavors, press A, S, M.

Links: Juhuu.nu

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by Josh Nimoy, Mark Napier

Springy text collides with the edge of the image to jumble the forms. Press keys on your keyboard to generate new letters.

Links: JTNimoy, Potatoland

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by Mike Davis

An elegant cellular automata. An elusive structure is continually emerging and dispersing.

Links: Lightcycle

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by Manny Tan

An expanding, contracting, and twisting responsive organ.

Links: Uncontrol

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by Lia

A software machine exploring the boundaries of control.

Links: Re-Move, Wofbot

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by GroupC

Structure emerges through the interactions of autonomous elements.

Links: GroupC

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by Ed Burton

Simplified version of the renowned Soda Constructor implemented in Processing.

Links: Soda, SodaPlay

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by Marius Watz

Like drawing with a bunch of crayons in one hand. Simple and messy, but fun.

Links: Evolution Zone

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by Josh On

In 2001 US CEOs were paid 411 times more than the average worker...

Links: They Rule, Future Farmers

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by William Ngan

Autonomous bezier fish swarm around their liquid environment. Press keys 0-3 to hide and reveal predator fish.

Links: Metaphorical, Royal College of Art

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by Boris Müller

An interpretation of the poem 'Der und Die' by Ernst Jandl

Links: Esono

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