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Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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by Leonardo Solaas

A crowd of autonomous particles drawing your ever-flowing dreams.

Links: Leonardo Solaas

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The Dumpster
by Golan Levin et al.

An interactive online visualization that attempts to depict a slice through the romantic lives of American teenagers.

Links: Whitney Artport, Flong

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by George Legrady

A dynamically generated visualization consisting of a 2D matrix of cells that can flip between two states.

Links: George Legrady Studio

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Parametric Difference
by Morphosis

Formal and spatial exploration of boolean difference applied to two systems.

Links: John Houck, Morphosis

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A String
by E.J. Gone

Shadowgraphs for dance performance 'be silent' at the national theater of korea.

Links: Gone

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by Carolin Horn

Visualization of an encyclopedia of the arts.

Links: Carolin Horn

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Flight Patterns
by Aaron Koblin

Flight pattern visualizations from FAA data parsed and plotted in Processing.

Links: Aaron Koblin

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by Zai Chang

Aqueous is a meditative space that encourages perception of small things. Water droplets fall from the ceiling through the space into water-filled tubes approximately tuned in a scale spanning two octaves.

Links: Zehao.com

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Net Worth
by Osman Khan

How much do you really matter? Net Worth is an installation exploring our current condition where information is given more prominence than the corporeal.

Links: Osman Khan

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Letter-pairs Analysis
by Martin Ignacio Bereciartua

Showing the number of times each pair of letters appears in a given text.

Links: Martin Ignacio Bereciartua

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Unreal Art
by Alison Mealey

Generating illustration from pathed bot positions in a live Unreal Tournament Deathmatch game.

Links: Unrealart, Development Blog

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by Michael Chang

Drawing program where different gestures create varying organisms animated through procedural animation and physics simulations.

Links: mflux @ ucla

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